New system added - Rapid Microbiological Methods Database updated

Our RMM database was updated with RMS, a system for RealTime testing of Water. RMS-W, produced by Instant BioScan, offers a continuous sampling mode with no reagents or human interaction required. Test results are returned in real-time for each particle and are saved for later analysis. RMS-W uses optical techniques to measure universal “bio-markers” (NADH and riboflavin) produced by bacteria and fungi.

Currently, there are 44 different systems listed in the database - providing the opportunity to get an overview about available systems and their possibilities and to compare them under the aspects of detection range, analysing method, detectable organisms and several more criteria.

The database is available in the RMM Group website's members' area with your access code. If you want to become a member of the working group, you can register free of charge. Please see the membership information for further details.

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