New Q&As on Chapter 3 of the EU-GDP Practice Guide (Premises and Equipment)

On the GDP Association Webpage a section has been set up a while ago dealing with frequently asked questions (FAQs). Now a set of new FAQs has been published about Chapter 3 on Premises and Equipment.

For example, answers to the following questions are provided:

  • Which products can be stored in the warehouse with segregation based on a computerised system? And which products do need physical segregation?
  • How can receiving and dispatch bays be designed to protect products from prevailing weather conditions?
  • For premises and storage facilities, adequate cleaning programmes should be in place. How can this be realised?
  • Can I take personal medication into the storage area?
  • Where should we put temperature monitoring equipment?
  • What is "key equipment"?

Answers to these and other questions are provided in the FAQs on GDP.

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