New Edition of Defect Evaluation List for Containers made of Moulded Glass

How can you determine the quality of packaging materials in the incoming goods inspection? Defect evaluation lists are good and generally accepted tools for decisions on the acceptance or rejection of packaging batches. They provide checklists and templates for the inspection of packaging materials. The quality criteria contained are intended to serve as a guidance for both packaging manufacturers and for the incoming goods inspection by the user. The "standard" in this area is the combined German / English defect evaluation list from the series "Quality assurance of pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging materials".

As a participant of the USP - Ph. Eur. - ECA Joint Conference "GLASS meets PHARMA", from 6-7 June 2018 in Berlin, you will receive the two defect evaluation lists for containers made of tubular glass and moulded glass as a free PDF download. Further information can be found in the programme of the conference website "Glass meets Pharma".

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