New ECA Mission Published

GMP News No. 616

GMP News
6 October 2005

New ECAMission Published

With nearly 3,000 members, ECA has become the leading European association with regard to pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and GMP compliance. The members from all over Europe and abroad represent 45 countries. 

ECA is an independent organisation chaired by a Scientific Advisory Board with 11 members of the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory authorities.This Advisory Board has finalised the new mission.

ECA's mission is:

"The ECA will provide support to the Pharmaceutical Industry andRegulators to promote the move towards a harmonised set of GMP andregulatory guidelines by providing information and interpretation of new orupdated guidances".

This includes among others:

  • The development of the GMP Navigator CD-ROM with annual updateof all GMP-relevant regulations issued by the most important medicinesauthorities and organisations worldwide
  • Providing an Internet platform ( forresearch on and interpretation of the regulations regardingpharmaceutical quality assurance and regulatory compliance
  • The development of GMP tools aiming at the fulfilment of GMPrequirements defined by various regulatory authorities (e.g. GMP Matrix)
  • The organisation of education courses and conferences ontopical subjects concerning GMP and regulatory compliance.

The ECA does not employ any staff - ECA relies on voluntary work.For this reason, all of the tasks are taken on by members, partners and theAdvisory Board.



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