Mike Edgington Named Director for Regulatory Affairs at ECA

GMP News No. 666

GMP News
24 January 2006

Mike Edgington Named Director for Regulatory Affairs at ECA

The European Compliance Academy (ECA) today announced that Mike Edgington, Edgington Associates in the Netherlands, accepted the position of Director for Regulatory Affairs: "I feel honored by the invitation to take on this responsibility and I am pleased to accept the position."

Mr. Edgington has been a member of the ECA’s Advisory Board since June 2001 and concentrated on microbiological quality control issues. In his new function, he will represent the organization’s activities relative to regulatory affairs to the authorities, assuring an appropriate recognition.

"As we will continue to work with the authorities to further promote a better understanding of quality in Europe’s pharmaceutical industry, we are very pleased to win Mr. Edgington as Director for Regulatory Affairs," said Daniel Scheidegger, ECA Chairman and Vice President Operations and Managing Director of Genzyme Pharmaceuticals Liestal.

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