Medical Cannabis in Greece

Greece is currently discussing a new bill about medical cannabis products. The proposal is entitled: Production, Export and Distribution of final medical cannabis products made from Cannabis Sativa L. with a Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content of more than 0,2%.

Greece legalized medical cannabis in 2017, and repealed a ban on cultivation and production in March 2018. However, growers and producers must set up a Greek company to buy or lease land, prepare the documentation for the installation license and then apply for an operations license and a medical license from the National Organization for Medicines to begin cultivation and / or production.

Exported products will be solely subject to the laws and regulations in the country importing them

The purpose of the proposal is to allow medical cannabis companies in Greece, to produce medical cannabis and export it to Europe. According to the proposal, the medical cannabis would not be subject to the same laws as that sold domestically, which must follow the existing legislation calling for approval by the Hellenic Organization of Pharmaceuticals. Exported products will be solely subject to the laws, regulations and GMP/GDP guidelines in the country importing them.

For more information please visit the portal of the Hellenic parliament.

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