ISO standard for packaging machines

A new international technical committee ISO/TC 313 Packaging Machinery has been set up under Italian chairmanship. Ucima, the Italian Union of manufacturers of automatic packaging machines, announced the establishment of the new international technical committee ISO/TC 313. The new Committee will be responsible for setting international standards for packaging machines and systems.

The International Organization for Standardization, ISO, approved the Italian proposal in April this year. The newly established committee will be a working group tasked with applying standards for the standardization of packaging machines and systems, with particular reference to the aspects of terminology, classification, design and safety.

Unified standards to be applied worldwide

The creation of the new Technical Committee is meant to bring benefits for companies operating in the industry, because the availability of unique standards will have global significance and not just European. Italy has been assigned to be the leader of the international secretariat for regulatory work, which will also be attended by all the major producers or users of packaging technologies.

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