Important Changes at EMEA

Starting from 8 December 2009, some important changes have being implemented at the European Medicines Agency. Highlighted, these are:

  • Discontinuation of the acronym "EMEA": Since the use of the acronym EMEA had caused some misunderstandings (it had e. g. also been taken for the economic area "Europe, Middle East and Africa/ Asia"), this short form is not to be used any longer. The authority's official name is and shall remain European Medicines Agency or, abbreviated, "the Agency". However, it is foreseeable that the acronym EMA will establish itself, which is e. g. already in use in the new Internet address.
  • New visual appearance. Not only will the well-known logo be changed (which, of course, includes the acronym EMEA), but fonts and colour schemes will also be changed in order to harmonise documents, templates and messages visually.
  • New Internet addresses and new addresses for e-mails: Since 8 December 2009, the new Internet address is, and correspondingly as e-mail for the Agency's staff In parallel with this, the Internet presence is also being redesigned.
  • New organisational structure: For 3 months, a re-structuring has been going on within the Agency. The final structure has now also been published. The former Pre-authorisation Unit e. g. is now called Human Medicines Development, and the Post-authorisation Unit, Patient Health Protection. Further current changes can be found here.

Wolfgang Schmitt
On behalf of the European Compliance Academy (ECA)

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