If a Facility stores Medicinal Products for more than 36 Hours GDP will apply

Since the EU Good Distribution Practice (GDP) Guide has been revised, a number of questions regarding its interpretation have been raised. One of these questions relates to storage facilities and so called distribution hubs. In the past, many facilities which have been involved in the supply chain were not managed under GDP and didn't posses a licence for their activities.

The British Medicines Authority MHRA published a press release on 18 August 2014 to explain what they consider to be a facility which must be licensed and which needs to implement the GDP requirements. According to the MHRA: "The GDP Inspectorate is raising awareness of the impact of the new regulations to those parties that are either directly or indirectly affected and any freight consolidator or freight forwarder either in the air, sea or road transport sector that is either holding ambient medicinal products on site for more than 36 hours or has cold room facilities will require a Wholesale Distribution Authorisation WDA(H) in order to comply with the Human Medicines Regulations 2012 [SI 2012/1916] (as amended) and with the Falsified Medicines Directive 2011/62/EU."

Source: MHRA Press Release: MHRA position on freight consolidation depots (freight forwarders)

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