Herbal Medicines for Children

The EMA has published on its website an updated overview with recommendations for the use of herbal medicinal products (HMPs) in children. The document summarizes the indications and contraindications of medicines in children based on assessment by HMPC monographs. The review consists of a compilation of possible medicinal drugs for a given range of indications, as well as a tabular listing of herbal drug name, indication, possible preparations, and intended patient population. Furthermore, a justification is listed if a herbal drug can only be used in a limited way, i.e. not in children.

The list is derived from information in the EU herbal monographs as adopted and contains the following sections: 

  • Herbal substances with final EU herbal monographs in alphabetical order and (in addition) according to therapeutic areas (like, for example, cough & cold, gastrointestinal disorders, skin disorders & minor wounds, etc.)
  • Well-established & Traditional use HMPs with therapeutic area, indication, herbal preparations, dosage form and route of administration

How to find EU herbal monographs?

To view all EU herbal monographs or to browse for existing EU herbal monographs and supporting documents by herbal substance, go to Herbal: European Union herbal monographs.

For more detailed information please see the EMA document European Union herbal monographs: Overview of recommendations for the uses of herbal medicinal products in the paediatric population.

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