Revised USP Chapter <1226> Verification of Compendial Procedures

The revised USP general chapter <1226> VERIFICATION OF COMPENDIAL PROCEDURES has been approved.


Cannabis - BfArM awards remaining contracts

The time has come for Cannabis "Made in Germany". The German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) has completed the award procedure for the cultivation of cannabis.


Warning Letter for Sterile Manufacturer of Ophthalmic Drugs in the US

In May, the FDA published a Warning Letter to a US American sterile manufacturer of ophthalmic drugs which highlights serious deficiencies, especially in sterile production and in the general understanding of GMP. Read more here.


cGMP Cleaning Validation - FDA's Current Requirements

What do authorities require regarding cleaning validation? Official GMP inspection reports deliver helpful answers to this question. Through the Freedom of Information Act, the FDA is required to publish inspection results. This is particularly the case with Warning Letters. Here, even details of deficiencies regarding cleaning validation are included in the Warning Letter. 


GMP Deficiencies at Topical Products Manufacturer

The FDA has recently issued a Warning Letter to a US manufacturer of OTC topical products describing serious GMP deficiencies. This concerns among others the water system, the QC (chemical, microbial and stability tests), and the process validation.


Revised USP chapter <3> Topical and Transdermal Product Quality Tests

The revised USP general chapter <3> TOPICAL AND TRANSDERMAL DRUG PRODUCTS - PRODUCT QUALITY TESTS has been approved.


WHO plans Inclusion of environmental Aspects in GMP

The WHO has published a draft document on "Environmental Aspects of GMP" and plans to include the topic of waste and wastewater management into GMP Guidance.


EMA's Annual Report on the EudraVigilance Database

The EMA has published the Annual Report 2018 on EudraVigilance summarizing the current status of the database.


How to manage Safety Data in a blinded Trial?

The MHRA Inspectorate recently clarified the agency´s expectations regarding the unblinding and reporting of serious adverse reactions (SARs) associated with comparator drugs.


FDA´s final REMS Guideline

The US FDA affirms its commitment to efficient adoption of Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) plans and to making sure they do not impede generic drug development.


GDP-Inspector: Why Supplier Qualification is important

The MHRA explains in a Blog what supplier qualification means and why it is necessary to do it comprehensively.


New office-based GDP-Inspection Process in UK

The U.K. Medicines and Health Products Agency (MHRA) is testing a new, office-based GDP-Inspection process - without a visit of the site. 


New WHO Draft for GDP Guidance

The World Health Organisation WHO plans to revise its Good Storage and Distribution Practice guidelines and to consolidate the rules in one single document.


Recent GMP defects in process validation

What are the authorities' requirements regarding process validation? Regulatory GMP inspection reports are useful in answering that question. The "Freedom of Information Act" obliges the US FDA to publish all inspection results. The FDA does that particularly when it comes to warning letters.


Fundamental GMP defects at manufacturer of homeopathic drugs

Due to fundamental GMP deficiencies, the FDA has issued a Warning letter to a US manufacturer of homeopathic drugs for human and veterinary use.


Warning Letter on Data Integrity Issues in the Microbiological Laboratory

Among other things, insufficient or missing reports of test results in a microbiological laboratory resulted in a Warning Letter addressed to the company concerned. Read more about the Warning Letter to Hospira Healthcare India Pvt.


How does the GDPR impact Clinical Trials?

The European Commission released a Question and Answers paper on the interplay between the Clinical Trials Regulation (CTR) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Numerous GMP Deviations found at US Manufacturing Site

Due to the deficiencies discovered during an inspection performed in July 2018, the US FDA has now issued a Warning Letter to a US pharmaceutical manufacturer of homeopathic drug products. Microbiological impurities in the products and the water used to manufacture the medicinal products are an essential aspect of the complaint.


MRA EU - FDA has approved two more countries

With the Mutual Recognition Agreement between Europe and the USA, inspections are to be mutually recognised in the future. The FDA's approval of the EU Member States proceeds successively. Two more countries have recently been approved.


Q&As on Safety Features - Version 14

The European Commission published version 14 of the Q&A´s on Safety features for medicinal products for human use.


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