Regulations concerning the handling and management of data from "small" computerised systems?

The data integrity topic raises a number of questions. Current questions are addressed in a loose sequence of News. Question 5: Are regulations necessary for the handling and management of data generated by small systems (e.g.  pH meters, filter integrity testers, etc.)?


Version 15 of the Q&As on Safety Features

The European Commission published version 15 of the Q&A´s on Safety features for medicinal products for human use. The new version includes a revision of the Q&A on safety features relating to IMPs.


What is considered GMP-compliant equipment design?

It's a frequent question what GMP compliant equipment design is or how a system has to be made up in order to be GMP compliant and suitable for the manufacturing of medicinal products/APIs. There is a short and a long answer to these questions around GMP-compliant equipment design.


WHO publishes Draft Guideline on Production of WFI using Non-Distillation Methods

The WHO has reacted to the changes in the European Pharmacopoeia by issuing a draft guideline on the production of WFI (Water for Injection). The commentary phase is open to the public, comments can be submitted until 20 September 2019.


Brexit: Industry should keep Timelines for Batch Testing Facilities

The EMA points out that - independent from the Brexit postponement - MAHs should use the remaining time to complete all necessary preparations.


Warning Letter: Serious Defects in Zoning, Cleaning and Disinfection and Monitoring

The US FDA issued a Warning Letter to a US company with aseptic production due to serious deficiencies in room zoning, personnel, environment monitoring and disinfection.


EMA publishes Draft on Quality Requirements for Combination Products

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has published a draft guideline on quality requirements for combinations of medicinal products and medical devices (so-called Drug Device Combinations - DDCs). What does the draft contain?


Safety Features - how is it progressing?

The MHRA will be issuing a series of blog posts regarding the implementation of the FMD over the next few months. The first post looks at the robustness of incoming checks.


Defect Catalog for Films and Foils

A technical guide on commonly used insulation materials has recently been provided in form of a stimuli article in Pharmacopeial Forum. In particular, a defect catalog for common thermal system components with detailed examples of potential failures is provided.


Recent Changes to the USP - What You Need to Know

The USP is currently introducing some changes to the format of the USP and to its online platforms. Amongst others the USP plans to discontinue printing the USP-NF in the current format.


French pilot programme for medical cannabis

The objective of the French pilot programme is to follow the recommendations of the CSST to evaluate cannabis prescribing and dispensing, and to collect safety and efficacy data. However, medical cannabis is not expected to be legalized in France prior to the end of 2021.


MRA EU-USA: All EU Member States Accepted

In a previous news it was pointed out that one EU Member State (Slovakia) was still missing for the complete implementation of the MRA agreement between the EU and the USA. The goal was for all EU Member States to be recognised by 15 July 2019. Now, this goal has been achieved.


Qualification of Development Tools for Medical Devices - FDA Website

In our News dated 25 September 2017, we announced the finalisation of an FDA guideline for the qualification of development tools for medical devices. Since this topic is very important for the FDA, a website has been dedicated to it. It is available on the Internet.


Update of the borderline guideline on medical devices

At what point is a medical device to be considered a medical device in Europe? The classification of so-called borderline products is sometimes difficult. An updated EU guideline may be able to help.


Track & Trace in Russia - One More Standard in Place?

The introduction of a Europe-wide serialization system (often simplified to "Track & Trace") has brought great challenges to pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. In addition, many countries outside Europe are preparing serialization systems. Internationally speaking, Russia is already very far advanced. Read more about the new requirements for Track&Trace in Russia.


New Zealand proposes new legislation for medical cannabis

New Zealand released a proposed regulatory approach for medical cannabis. The implementation of the medical cannabis program is anticipated to start in the first quarter of 2020. In addition, the document proposes two options for GMP.


Do liquid, sterile medicinal products have to be particle-free?

According to the pharmacopoeias, parenteralia, i.e. sterile medicinal products for injection purposes, must be 100% visually inspected. In addition to damages to the primary container, the absence of particles has also to be checked. But do these medicinal products also have to be 100% free of particles? Read more here.


New structure of Ph. Eur.´s packaging section

The numbering of the Ph. Eur. packaging section 3 has been changed for the 10th Edition following the creation of the new chapter 3.3. Containers for human blood and blood components, and materials used in their manufacture; transfusion sets and materials used in their manufacture; syringes.


Updated Version of the Clinical Trials Regulation Questions & Answers Paper

The European Commission (EC) published an updated Version 2 of the Questions & Answers relating to the Clinical Trials Regulation. In particular, 47 Q&As on safety have been included.


News from the clinical trial portal and database

The new CTR becomes applicable six months after the notice of the full functionality of the CTIS. The EMA informed that the CTIS now enters a phase of agile, iterative delivery, to prepare the system for audit.


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