Evaluation of the Immunogenicity of Therapeutic Protein Products - FDA Scientists developed a new Tool

For the important assessment of possible immune responses to therapeutic protein drugs, FDA scientists developed a new mathematical tool to calculate the expected risk of producing antibodies against the biological drug.


FDA publishes Q&A on Internal Standard Responses in Chromatography Bioanalysis

In support of sponsors, applicants and research institutions, the FDA examines in more detail the variability of internal standards in analytics and their consequences. The authority has now published a document entitled "Evaluation of Internal Standard Responses During Chromatographic Bioanalysis: Questions and Answers".


ATMP from Third Countries - New Q&A Paper on Batch Release published

With a new Q&A document, the EMA has provided information on the release of Adavanved Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP)  imported into the EU by the Qualified Person without batch re-testing.


FDA criticizes Lack of Compliance with ICH Q7 Guidance

According to the U.S. FDA, the Chinese firm failed to establish an adequate quality system and lacks quality oversight on documentation.


Track & Trace: EMVO stakeholders call for inspections

Seven months into the operational phase a significant number of manufacturers and supply chain actors have not yet connected to the EU verification system. Now, the EMVO stakeholders encourage the NCAs to undertake inspections on all supply chain actors.


FDA Guide for Non-clinical Studies of Oncological Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals

The FDA has published a final guideline for non-clinical studies of "Oncology Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals" to close the gaps in the existing FDA and ICH Guidelines.


FDA´s Enforcement Report - Recent Recalls

The FDA´s Enforcement Report tracks and displays updates to recalls. The July 2019 listings contain several Class II recalls due to various cGMP deviations and two Class I ratings. One of the Class I ratings resulted from the finding of glass particulates in an injection.


How to prepare for ANVISA Inspections

Quite a few authorities in the health care sector come for GMP inspections, also to foreign countries. Here you can read what the Brazilian ANVISA will expect.


EMA website on Permitted Daily Exposure (PDE) limits

The issue of cross-contamination has been addressed by authorities since the publication of the first edition of the EU GMP Guidelines. The EMA has compiled everything essential on health-based exposure limits and PDE limits on their website.


European GDP Association nominates Director Regulatory Affairs and Communication

The European GDP Association, representing more than 2.000 professionals from across the globe, has nominated Prabjeet Dulai as Director Regulatory Affairs and Communication.


GDP: The growing Issue of Theft

The british MHRA is currently publishing a series of blog posts discussing the theft of medicines and the risk to public health.


USP revises Storage and Transport Chapters

The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) is currently introducing various chapters and stimuli articles. Some of these are also relevant for storage and transport activities.


EDQM updates two Guidelines on the CEP procedure

The updating of two important documents by the EDQM reflects the current practice of the CEP procedure. Read more about the competencies and responsibilities of the various bodies in the CEP application procedure and about the code of practice for assessors and inspectors.


Another FDA Warning Letter due to Deficiencies in the Water System

Again the US-American FDA has issued a Warning Letter which primarily describes defects in the water system as well as deficiencies in the handling of CAPA & OOS and in the cleaning.


Official Danish Cannabis-Monograph

Denmark has published its official pharmacopoeial monograph for Cannabis: Cannabisblomst (Cannabis flos).


New FDA guidance on Child-Resistant Packaging

The FDA published a new guidance on Child-Resistant Packaging (CRP). The guidance is intended to assist applicants, manufacturers, packagers, and distributors who include CRP statements in their drug product labeling.


No more FDA Inspections in the EU - really?

The Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) between the EU and the US is now in force as planned. But does this really mean the end of all FDA Inspections in the EU?


Warning Letter due to Cross Contamination

In August, the US FDA issued a Warning Letter due to cross-contamination with penicillin in areas for non-beta-lactam production.


New Ph. Eur. chapter on statistical process control (SPC) planned

Process controls have become customary in pharmaceutical processes. The aim is to monitor a process and improve it if possible. Statistical process control (SPC) is viewed as one option to implement Ongoing/Continued Process Verification. PharmEuropa has now published a new draft chapter on the topic.


GMP for Radiopharmaceuticals - WHO/IAEA Guideline open for comments

In July, the WHO and the IAEA published a draft guideline for the specific GMP requirements for the manufacture and control of radiopharmaceuticals, which can be commented until 20 September.


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