USP Proposal for Contaminant Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids

A new USP chapter <1567> on pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) is being proposed. It discusses some analytical methods and existing challenges to measure PA contaminants in herbal medicinal products.


EMA: Draft Guidance for Centralised Procedures open for Comments

In December 2021, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) published the draft guideline "Guideline on the acceptability of names for human medicinal products processed through the centralised procedure" for public comment on their website. 


Q&A Document on the QP Declaration revised

The CMDh has revised and published its Q&A document on the QP Declaration.


Approved USP Chapters on Plastic Components used in Manufacturing

The new USP general chapters <665> and <1665> have now finally been approved. Chapter <665> establishes a baseline for the qualification of plastic components used in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical and / or biopharmaceutical drugs.


USP Draft Monograph for CBD

Because there is no existing USP monograph for this drug substance, a new monograph for Cannabidiol (CBD) is being proposed. It defines that CBD is obtained from Cannabis sativa.


EU Commission amends Delegated Regulation on Safety Features again

In order to ensure that medicinal products continue to be marketed with a unique identifier (UI) in Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Ireland and Malta, the Commission further extends the temporary derogation from the requirement to decommission UIs of products exported to UK.


Wholesale Distribution of Medicinal Products - Obligation to Notify Changes

Wholesale trading of medicinal products in Germany requires an authorisation according to Section 52a of the Medicinal Products Act (Arzneimittelgesetz – AMG). The holder of the authorisation must notify the competent authority in advance of any fundamental changes. A wholesaler from Brandenburg, Germany, did not comply with this notification requirement, as a GDP Non-Compliance Report published in October 2021 shows.


The GDP Non-Compliance Reports of 2021 - An Overview

Wholesale trade in medicinal products requires a wholesale authorisation. A certificate of Good Distribution Practice (GDP) is issued to a wholesale distributor by the national competent authority. If the outcome of an inspection is that the wholesale Distributor does not comply with Good Distribution Practice, a statement of non-compliance may be entered into EudraGMDP. For your information please see the comprehensive overview of the GDP non-compliance reports entered in 2021 and the respective reasons for issuing them.


Proposal for New General USP Chapter on Quality Attributes of Starting Materials for the Chemical Synthesis of Therapeutic Peptides

In the Pharmacopeial Forum, PF 48(1), a proposal for a new general chapter <1504> was published. According to the Expert Committee, the aim of the new chapter is to provide an overview of the minimum quality attributes required for starting materials used in the manufacture of synthetic therapeutic peptides.


New Ph. Eur. Draft for COC

A revised draft for the new Ph. Eur. chapter 3.1.17. Cyclo-Olefin Copolymers (COC) has been published for comment in Pharmeuropa.


Q&As: China GMP and Registration of APIs

In December 2021, the ECA offered the Live Online Training "China GMP and Registration of APIs". During the Q&A sessions, many interesting questions were posed to the speakers' team.


Canada is working on Technical Cannabis Standards

Canada will lead an ISO international IWG to develop three technical guidelines for Cannabis including one on Good Production Practices (GPP).


Requirements for Plastics in Pharmaceutical Equipment Engineering

Stainless steel is predominantly used in pharmaceutical equipment engineering. The 316L variant is basically regarded as standard; material incompatibilities of the steel with the product are more or less neglected. This is different with plastics. In addition to leach-out, aging and surface finish, other quality characteristics are often specified. But are there generally applicable requirements for plastics in pharmaceutical equipment engineering?


Brexit and Northern Ireland - what's new?

In the course of the Brexit negotiations, the role of Northern Ireland was always in focus. The aim of the EU in particular was to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland. Now there are further announcements and publications.


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