How to quickly find out about FDA requirements for Medical Devices?

In the USA, medical devices are regulated within the FDA by the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH). How can one quickly familiarize oneself with the topic of "medical devices" or stay up to date? For this purpose, the FDA offers an own website: CDRH Learn.


Experiential Learning Program of the CDRH

Under the heading "CDRH's Experiential Learning Program", the FDA offers an interesting advanced training program. It is aimed at FDA employees who are "reviewers", i.e. who evaluate medical devices as part of the "approval procedure". The idea behind the program is...


FDA Feedback after an Inspection at a Medical Device Manufacturer

In a draft guideline, the FDA informs that in future they will offer (nonbinding) feedback following an FDA inspection at a medical device manufacturer. What does this mean?


Hard Brexit: MHRA Preparations

The Biritsh Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has published several guidelines for a possible no-deal scenario.


Warning Letter due to GMP Deficiencies in Tableting

An Indian manufacturer of solid dosage forms recently received a Warning Letter from the US FDA after the authority had revealed serious deficiencies in the tablet production.


Ongoing severe Quality Deficiencies lead to regulatory Action - Part 1

The second Warning Letter within six months reveals fundamental issues in quality management. Learn more about the new FDA warning letter to US company Akorn.


Comprehensive FDA Warning Letter Analysis - Stability Testing on the Rise

Over and over again, FDA inspectors discover violations of long-established GMP requirements. Read more about which trends in the areas of quality control and production can be identified from the analysis of the Warning Letters issued in the last 21 months.


How to detect Falsified Medicines

Falsified medicines repeatedly occur in the supply chain. The MHRA now provides information on how to detect them.


New GDP Non-Compliance Reports

New GPD Non-Compliance Reports have been published in the EudraGMDP database, leading to a suspension of the WDA of the inspected companies.


FDA Blockchain Pilot

The US FDA has selected four companies to participate in a pilot evaluating blockchain technology to enhance supply chain security.


Is the Audit Trail Review required for Electronic Health Records?

MHRA´s GCP inspectors have recently seen various types of Electronic Health Records (eHRs) during their investigator site inspections and in several cases they have given major findings.


FDA's promotion for cell and tissue products - the TRG Rapid Inquiry Program (TRIP)

With an additional program to support manufacturers of cells, tissues and cell-based products, the FDA is trying to accelerate its promotion of the development of regenerative therapies.


Regulations concerning the handling and management of data from "small" computerised systems?

The data integrity topic raises a number of questions. Current questions are addressed in a loose sequence of News. Question 5: Are regulations necessary for the handling and management of data generated by small systems (e.g.  pH meters, filter integrity testers, etc.)?


Version 15 of the Q&As on Safety Features

The European Commission published version 15 of the Q&A´s on Safety features for medicinal products for human use. The new version includes a revision of the Q&A on safety features relating to IMPs.


What is considered GMP-compliant equipment design?

It's a frequent question what GMP compliant equipment design is or how a system has to be made up in order to be GMP compliant and suitable for the manufacturing of medicinal products/APIs. There is a short and a long answer to these questions around GMP-compliant equipment design.


WHO publishes Draft Guideline on Production of WFI using Non-Distillation Methods

The WHO has reacted to the changes in the European Pharmacopoeia by issuing a draft guideline on the production of WFI (Water for Injection). The commentary phase is open to the public, comments can be submitted until 20 September 2019.


Brexit: Industry should keep Timelines for Batch Testing Facilities

The EMA points out that - independent from the Brexit postponement - MAHs should use the remaining time to complete all necessary preparations.


Warning Letter: Serious Defects in Zoning, Cleaning and Disinfection and Monitoring

The US FDA issued a Warning Letter to a US company with aseptic production due to serious deficiencies in room zoning, personnel, environment monitoring and disinfection.


EMA publishes Draft on Quality Requirements for Combination Products

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has published a draft guideline on quality requirements for combinations of medicinal products and medical devices (so-called Drug Device Combinations - DDCs). What does the draft contain?


Safety Features - how is it progressing?

The MHRA will be issuing a series of blog posts regarding the implementation of the FMD over the next few months. The first post looks at the robustness of incoming checks.


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