GMP Guideline Manager with new web-based software - free of charge for ECA Members

With the new release 11.0, the GMP Guideline Manager becomes a web-based solution. This means no additional software is needed to run the application. It will be displayed by using a web browser like the Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. These browsers are already installed on most PCs and Laptops.

As a further advantage of the new release it is possible to use a search engine designed for web browsers. After starting the software, the table of contents is displayed, enabling you to simply call up any of the guidelines or to conduct a quick search for individual guidelines, for all guidelines referring to a particular topic or to start a full-text search. The GMP guidelines database contains the complete texts, which you will also be able to print out.

The GMP Guideline Manager Software contains over 1,100 GMP guidelines, including FDA, EC and ICH and concentrates on those guidelines that refer either to GMP topics or have an influence on GMP (e.g. Notice to Applicants). In total more than 10,000 pages of documentation have been structured very clearly.

This Software was developed due to ECA's understanding to support members in complying with the current regulations. In addition to ECA efforts to foster the harmonisation of standards, this objective can only be achieved with detailed information about the guidance documents published by the various authorities and organisations. For that reason the software cannot be purchased, but is a free gift for ECA Members only.

The Software is available as a single user version for individual members and as a multi-user version for ECA company members. If you are interested in the membership opportunities available, please go here.

In addition, participants of ECA courses and conferences receive a free copy of the Software. To find the current events calendar, please see here. Also, you may want to download a more detailed description of the GMP Guideline Manager Software.

Oliver Schmidt
On behalf of the European Compliance Academy (ECA)

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