GMP/GDP Online Training

Face-to-face events are out of the question in the present situation. However, to still provide you with the opportunity to become familiar with current and new GMP/GDP requirements, various online training offers are available:

  • Webinars & Live Online-Seminars: Webinars - commonly with one speaker - bring you up to date on a specific topic quickly and conveniently in about 2 hours. Live online seminars, on the other hand, transfer a live event 1:1 to the Internet. You participate - almost like in a face-to-face event - right at your PC in a complete 1 or 2 days seminar and with several speakers - including the opportunity to discuss with speakers and participants. You can find the topics in the current webinar and live online seminar list.
  • Recorded Webinars & Seminars are recordings of webinars and complete seminars, providing you with the opportunity to watch them at a later time - anytime and anywhere. These recordings are a 1:1 replay of the live webinars and seminars, including questions from participants and answers from speakers. They allow you, for example, to stay up to date on current subjects like nitrosamine impurities. For other interesting topics please see the currently offered recorded online seminars and webinars.
  • Live Inhouse Training brings one of the basic, advanced and special training courses or an individual training course specifically coordinated with you to your location - many of them also online. Every participant from your company can follow the lectures as video and presentation slides live on a PC - of course including the opportunity to discuss questions and issues. Just have a look at the current GMP/GDP training programmes.

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