GDP Certificates: 677 in the EudraGMDP Database

The volume of the EudraGMDP database keeps on growing. While the former database - known as EudraGMP - contained only GMP certificates, the new extended one already contains 677 GDP certificates.

Thanks to a search function, you can scan entries according to various criteria. At present, the database only contains GDP certifications for locations within the EU. As for the GMP database, the DUNS number enables the location's identification. So far, there are almost exclusively medicinal products wholesalers. Yet, the Austrian authority entered the GDP certifications of three companies which operate in APIs trading. The GDP certificates indicate the date of the last authority inspection. 

Even if 677 locations are already listed in the database (stand: January 2014), many more GDP certificates are missing. For example, there is not a single entry for "Germany" in the GDP database; the same applies to other countries like Spain, France, and Italy - to name only a few of them. Currently, and unlike the GMP database, no GDP Non-Compliance Statement has been entered.

Source: EudraGMDP

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