FDA requests a 19 Percent Budget Raise

The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has requested a budget of 3.2 billion US $ for the fiscal year 2010. This is a 19 percent raise over the fiscal year 2009.

In the budget the authority emphasises two main initiatives:

1. "Protecting America's food Supply" and
2. "Safer Medical Products".

It is also projected to raise fees and to provide more money for activities evaluated as critical.

As part of the initiative "Safer Medical Products" the FDA intends to employ specific resources to improve the safety of medicinal products, medical devices, vaccines and blood products. This is supposed to improve the agency's chances to monitor and evaluate the safety of US and imported products during their entire life cycle. The focus will be on the period before as well as after marketing authorisation and will reduce risks.

Source: http://www.fda.gov/oc/oms/ofm/budget/documentation.htm

Wolfgang Schmitt
On behalf of the European Compliance Academy (ECA)

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