Event on European Pharma Regulation and Role of the QP in the US

Triggered by the ongoing globalisation and international collaborations but also through mergers and acquisitions, there is a constantly growing international interest in European pharmaceutical legislation and especially the role of the QP. This is emphasised by the fact that more and more non-EU professionals are contacting the European Compliance Academy (ECA) and its working group, the QP Association asking to get more and detailed information about European GMPs and seeking to understand the unique role of the QP.

The ECA and the European QP Association, recognising this need for further professional knowledge development, intend to support the pharmaceutical industry outside Europe in understanding the European approach and legal framework in this respect. Therefore we are currently evaluating the possibility of running training courses on European GMP requirements and the role of the QP outside Europe, amongst others in the U.S.A.

To understand potential needs and to be able to offer the most valuable input we need your help. We would highly appreciate your feedback, if there is any interest from your side in our initiative. If your answer is yes, and if you would like to get further information of our future activities in this regard please contact us. Your support is highly appreciated and will help us to evaluate potential interest as well as to assess how to provide you with an appropriate, high quality training course. Please feel free to forward this information to all of your colleagues who might be interested in such a kind of event.

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