European Qualified Person Association Presents Results of Members Survey

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9 May 2007

European Qualified Person Association
Presents Results of Members Survey

Recently, the European QP Association* conducted an online survey to gain more information about the QPs' interest in both the Association itself and the 2nd QP Forum to be held in November this year. For that purpose the association invited its members to answer a few questions.

The following overview represents an excerpt of the results. The detailed results are accessible for Members of the QP Association only.

The great majority of the participating QPs confirmed the desire to meet with colleagues on a regular basis to discuss specific topics (e.g. smaller discussion groups, round tables, committees, task forces).

Asked about the services they expect from an organisation like the QP Association, a lot of respondents expressed the need for best practice guides, more guidance through links to rules and regulations and for professional training.

Most QPs also confirmed that they would like to see the association get involved more actively in the discussion of new or revised guidelines that are applicable to them.

A topic that was intensively discussed during the 1st QP Forum in Prague was shared (third party) audits. One of the ideas that came up was to develop a database for QPs. Members of the European QP Association could fill in API Manufacturers they want to audit. As a result, possible partners for shared audits (with or without third parties) could be identified. Most of the QPs answering also verified that they think this would be of benefit.


Expanding the knowledge about a QPs duties and responsibilities is the goal of the QP Association's first Qualified Person Education Course in Prague, Czech Republic on 13-14 June 2007. Experts from the QP Association Advisory Board, pharmaceutical industry and regulatory authority will share their experience on important issues of the QP's daily business and will give first-hand information on current and future expectations.

Wolfgang Schmitt
On behalf of the European Compliance Academy (ECA)

* The European QP Association was established by the Advisory Board of the ECA in July 2006. Only registered Qualified Persons in Europe can become regular members of the QP Association.

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