European Compliance Academy (ECA) established as Foundation

Since its foundation in 1999 the European Compliance Academy (ECA) has been lead as a membership association. Today, the organisation counts close to 4.000 members from almost 60 countries and is the leading European advanced training and information services provider with regard to pharmaceutical quality assurance and GMP compliance.

With the beginning of 2010 the organisation was transferred to the "ECA Foundation" - with the purpose to exchange "information between representatives of the industry, the medicines authorities and the universities in the field of pharmaceutical quality assurance, especially with regard to the area of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)." It is lead by a foundation board with 10 members representing European regulatory authorities as well as the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry.

Watch the webcast with Daniel Scheidegger.The new foundation is comprised of a non-profit educational organisation and two non-profit interest groups. The ECA Academy is providing GMP Conferences as forums for exchanging information between industry, authorities and academia as well as education courses and advanced trainings as part of the "ECA GMP Certification Programme". Moreover, the European Qualified Person (QP) Association represents the interests of individual Qualified Persons (QPs) in Europe and supports a harmonised approach for all EU Member States. The second interest group, the "Rapid Microbiological Methods Group" supports the idea of the use of rapid microbiological methods and a harmonised approach in the EU and the USA. A third interest group on "Good Quality Supply Chain Practices" is planned to be established in 2010.

"This is an important step", commented Daniel Scheidegger, ECA Chairman and Vice President Operations and Managing Director of Genzyme Pharmaceuticals, Liestal, Switzerland the newly established foundation. "It provides the ECA with an up do date legal background for the further development of its services."

To learn more about the new foundation please also see "About ECA".

To get an update on the latest developments with regard to the ECA, please see the video address of Daniel Scheidegger, ECA Foundation Chairman - here.

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