EU GMP Guide: New Requirements added for Batch Certification

In Part III of the EU GMP Guide, a document on internationally harmonised requirements for batch certification has been added. It is applicable in the context of Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRA), Agreements on Conformity Assessment and Acceptance of Industrial Products (ACAA) and other appropriate arrangements on GMP with the European Union.

Each batch of medicinal product transferred between countries having appropriate arrangements on GMP, must be accompanied by a batch certificate issued by the manufacturer in the exporting country. In the framework of MRAs all manufacturing sites must be located in the country issuing the certificate or in another MRA country, if reciprocal arrangements are in force. In the framework of the European Union's ACAA with Israel (once in operation) all quality control sites must be located in Israel or the EU.

The respective certificate should be issued further to a full qualitative and quantitative analysis of all active and other relevant constituents to ensure that the quality of the products complies with the requirements of the marketing authorisation of the importing country. It shall attest that the batch meets the specifications and has been manufactured in accordance with the marketing authorisation of the importing country. The batch certificate should be signed by the person responsible for certifying that the batch is suitable for release for sale or supply/export. For the EU, that's the Qualified Person (QP).

Where applicable this batch certificate shall also be used for non-finished medicinal products such as intermediates, bulk or partially packed products.

The certificate may also be used for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and investigational medicinal products (IMP) used in clinical trial authorisations.

Source: Internationally harmonised Requirements for Batch Certification


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