EMEA Database on GMP Inspections now publicly available (EudraGMP)

The EMEA's EudraGMP Database was initiated in April 2007. It was set up to facilitate the exchange of information regarding pharmaceutical manufacturers' GMP compliance between European authorities. The database also comprises information on manufacturers in third countries that were inspected by European authorities, on manufacturing and importation authorisations as well as on manufacturers' GMP Certificates.

With version 2.0 the database was made public. It does not provide commercial and personal information though. The database itself is still being completed and is supposed to contain information on all national authorities by January 2011. It provides a comprehensive search function and also enables users to search for "Non Compliance Statements".

The EMEA press release is available here.

You will find the database itself here.

Dr Andreas Mangel
On behalf of the European Compliance Academy (ECA)

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