EFPIA selects Microsoft Cloud Platform for the European Verification System against counterfeit Medicines

The "European Stakeholder Model" (ESM) proposed by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) is based on the concept that any medicinal product must be checked with its delivery (point of dispensing verification). The technical implementation is accomplished via the "European Medicines Verification System" (EMVS). National systems can also be connected to this model. 

On the EFPIA website there is an indication now that the EFPIA has opted for the software company Solidsoft. Solidsoft uses Windows Azure, Microsoft's cloud-based platform. The provider was selected after a 15-month selection process and out of 20 system suppliers. With the cloud-based solution the EFPIA expects significantly lower costs than with the other options. 

This system is supposed to manage the data of more than 10 billion pharmaceutical packs in the 27 countries of the European Union per year. Each individual package will carry a unique serial number in the form of 2D data matrix code. This code will then be verified at the end of the sales channel - at the delivery point such as a public pharmacy - whether it is exactly the number the pharmaceutical manufacturer had applied on this medicine. 

To find out more please see the notification of the decision for Solidsoft on the EFPIA website.

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