ECA Visual Inspection Group Chairman appointed to EDQM Expert Group

Dr Tobias Posset, Head of Production Support at Roche Diagnostics in Mannheim, Germany and chairman of the ECA Visual Inspection Group, was recently appointed into expert group 12 of the EDQM (European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & Health Care). The EDQM is responsible for the development of the European Pharmacopoeia and acts as administration for the European Pharmacopoeia commission and its more than 68 expert groups. Amongst other things, expert group 12 focuses on visual inspection of particles in parenterals (particluate matter: visible particles - 2.9.20) and container-/closure-integrity testing for sterile packaging.

The members of the EDQM's individual expert groups are working voluntarily and discuss important changes or alterations to Pharmacopoeia monographs.

In his position as chairman of the ECA Visual Inspection Group, Dr Posset already has professional relations with his board colleagues of other pharmaceutical companies as well as members of the group. That is how the industry-oriented guidance document for GMP compliant visual inspection of parenterals was developed, for example, which is available as a free download for all group members on the ECA Visual Inspection Group website.

We hope for a lively exchange an wish Dr Posset the best of luck.

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