ECA releases Version 18 of GMP Guideline Manager

How to access ten thousand pages of GMP Guidelines from FDA, EMA, ICH, PIC/S, ICH, WHO and many other organisations worldwide? You can print them or purchase hundereds of booklets. But this will cause a huge amount of paper. And it will be more than difficult to find a specific regulatory requirement in this comprehensive library.

For that reason the ECA Academy has started to set up the largest GMP Guideline Database of its kind worldwide already 18 years ago. And every year a new release is published with all updates. A software was developed to structure the Guidelines in two so called "Guideline Trees".

1. Guideline Tree structured according to the issuing authorities (e.g. EU, FDA, ICH)

2. Guideline Tree structured according to GMP topics (e.g. GMP for Medicinal Products, GMP for APIs, sterile production, validation etc)

In addition to the two structured libraries the software also allows you to search for certain key words. You may search the entire database for a keyword like "validation". But you can also limit the search to certain areas (e.g. search in FDA Guidelines only).

If you have no CD drive on your computer you can also access the GMP Guideline Manager via the ECA WebApp. When you register you will receive the login details to access the ECA members area. The same login details will work for the ECA WebApp. With this service you can access the full GMP Guideline Database from your smartphone or tablet via the internet.

The GMP Guideline Manager can not be purchased - it is only available for ECA Members at no costs! This service is unique and not offered by any other organisation. By participating in any of the ECA conferences or courses you become member of the ECA free of charge for 2 years. If you can not attend an ECA course you can also apply for ECA membership for only 190,- Euro via our webpage.

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