ECA Foundation releases free GMP WebApp

The ECA Foundation has been providing advanced training and information services in the pharmaceutical industry and especially with regard to pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and GMP compliance for more than 10 years. Now the organisation took advantage of its extensive experience to develop a further free of charge service - the new GMP WebApp.

This new GMP WebApp runs on all smartphones and tablet PCs (Apple and Android platforms) and allows users to have GMP information at hand any time and anywhere. Due to its development as a web-based app there are no updates that need to be continuously downloaded. Any time new information is available on ECA's website the app also displays the latest version.

The app comprises an entire set of features: users have access to all news also issued in the weekly free of charge GMP Newsletter as well as to major GMP Guidelines from authorities worldwide. Moreover, the app provides a comfortable GMP Search function. This function can be used to search simply all ECA databases, just guidelines or course and conference materials.

An additional function is an exclusive service for ECA Members:  after login they have access to ECA's Guideline Manager. Altogether this Guideline Manager includes more than 1.200 GMP Guidelines from EU/EMA, FDA, ICH, PIC/S, APIC, IPEC and WHO. In two webtrees these Guidelines are either displayed according to the issuing authorities or by GMP topics.

The ECA GMP WebApp is a free of charge service and can be opened by visiting in any smartphone or tablet PC browser. To learn more please see the more detailed information.

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