DataMatrix Code on Pharmaceutical Packaging - Pilot Project starting in January

The securPharm initiative has announced that a nationwide pilot project will be started from January 2013 in Germany to test safety features. Safety features such as 2D Matrix Codes will be required according to the so called Pharma Directive EC 2001/83 to combat counterfeit medicinal products in Europe. In Germany, the securPharm initiative was jointly established by the pharmaceutical associations (ABDA, BAH, BPI, PHAGRO and vfa). Dr Reinhard Hoferichter, Sanofi, is Managing Director of the initiative. The group involved in the project has announced that a code provided by a data matrix will be marked on the pharmaceutical packaging of  a participating company.

This is a big step forward for the securPharm initiative. The objective for 2013 is to get more companies into the project. Also pharmacies are taking part in the project and have been equipped with special scanners to read the codes. Through the scanning process of this data matrix, the authenticity of the packaging is automatically verified via a protected centralised database. Simultaneously, this database saves the reading i.e. the scanning of the data. If identical numbers are found or if a number cannot be found in the database an alarm will be triggered immediately.

All the technical framework conditions are now available on the securPharm website. The document provides all the technical basics for users, like for example the encoding agreements, data contents, positioning of the data matrix, etc.

Other projects for Track & Trace systems like the EDQM system and the EFPIA pilot programme use a similar technology. Countries like Turkey alread established a Track & Trace system.

Source: securPharm Website

Guideline for use in the securPharm pilot project - Identification of Medicines in Germany

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