Database "QPSHARE" for Planning Joint Audits Already Used Intensively

Recently, the European Qualified Person Association made the database "QPSHARE" accessible to its members. This database enables QPs to increase the efficiency of the supplier qualification of their companies.

The database "QPSHARE" is designed in a way as to display potential suppliers in whose auditing more than one QP is interested. In this manner, members of the European QP Association are capable of identifying suppliers and the number of QPs interested in auditing this supplier. On the basis of these pieces of information, the QPs have the opportunity to initiate a joint audit of this supplier, e. g. through one or more representatives of both companies, through cost sharing or through a third party in order to share the information afterwards.

Within only a few weeks after the database was released, the users entered almost 200 actually used and potential suppliers into the database. For more than half of the users, overlaps could already be identified and 15 contacts between the QPs have been established.

Confidentiality is observed, since the QPs' names are not displayed. If a member wants to contact the QP who are having or planning a business relationship with a certain supplier, a button enables the member to automatically send a message to the other QP. Only in case the QP who gets the message is interested, he or she can disclose the identity and contact the colleague.

"QPSHARE" is a database that is exclusively at the disposal of the members of the European QP Association. Currently, the organisation represents more than 1,300 QPs. Membership is free.


Wolfgang Schmitt
On behalf of European Compliance Academy (ECA)

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