Current Activities of the European GDP Association

The European GDP Association is quite active in supporting its members with the implementation of the current GDP requirements. What has been achieved in 2018 so far?

The results of a survey on GDP implementation in November/December 2017 were summarised. The idea was to find out what is the current status of implementation with regard to Good Distribution Practices at wholesalers and pharmaceutical manufacturers? Altogether 98 persons responded to the questions. The results were rather interesting.

The final GDP Guidance on Interpretation and Implementation has been published as a joint publication of the ECA Foundation and the Pharmaceutical Quality Group of the Chartered Quality Institute. This document and its chapters are built around the format and text of the 2013 EU-GDP guidelines, providing a sound basis for the implementation and maintenance of a GDP quality system with clear responsibilities and processes and the application of risk management principles. It should be of benefit to all involved in GDP activities for initial training, continuing professional development and as a reference source or audit tool.

On 05/06 June, the 2nd GDP Conference was held in Barcelona. Altogether 76 delegates from 22 countries were coming to the successful conference. The next conference is planned for 2020.

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