Confused about the changes in EudraGMDP?

EudraGMDP is the European Database for GMP and GDP Compliance information. The database receives a lot of attention from industry because of the GMP and GDP Non-Compliance Reports. Like with the FDA Warning Letters the GMP and GDP Non-Compliance Reports serve as a very valuable compliance information. Suppliers and Contract Partners who have been found out of GMP or GDP compliance are critical for every supplier management system.

There is no RSS Feed or newsletter service provided by EudraGMDP that inform about latest entries. This is why we check the database on a regular basis and inform the GMP/GDP community about updates. Now, the database has been changed without notice and has caused some confusion. Some of the columns have been deleted in the spreadsheet which appear after one has selected the Non-Compliance Reports page. In the past the spreadsheet contained a column on "Issue Date" and "Last updated Date". These columns are no longer available. In addition the updated EudraGMDP Database overview uses the "Inspection End Date" as a primary criterion to display the results. As most inspections have been performed months before the "Issue Date" (the date when the reports have been published in EudraGMDP) there is currently no single entry visible when one opens the GMP Non-Compliance Reports page.

In order to see the last entries in the spreadsheet one should therefore change the "From Date". Just select a date back in 2015 and the latest inspection reports will appear again. Moreover, there is a nice service not well known to the public. The data can be exported by means of an Excel File! There is a symbol right above the column "Inspection End Date". If you click on the button the data shown in the spreadsheet are exported into an Excel file. And the missing columns appear again. In the spreadsheet both the column "Issue Date" and "Last updated Date" are visible in the Excel File.

Source: EudraGMDP Database

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