CD-ROM GMP-Navigator 2.0 - Free of charge for all participants in an ECA event

GMP-News Nr. 56

GMP-News Nr. 56
20 March 2000

CD-ROM GMP Navigator 2.0

Free of charge for all participants in an ECA event


The features offered
Version 2.0 has just been completed and has improved features to offer. All the guides included on version 1.0 have been checked that they are up to date, and new drafts and new documents have been included. New additions to the CD include ICH guides, Swiss IKS guides, additions in the area of medical devices (D, EU, US FDA), warning letters, presentation overheads (including from FDA, conference reports). Each participant in an event organized by ECA in co-operation with Concept will receive a free copy.

Version 2.0 offers the following new features:

New display
Next to the main display, the table of contents is shown permanently in the left-hand part of the window. This makes it even easier to switch back and forth between guidelines!

New structure
The new structure offers both greater clarity and, at the same time, more guides. From a main directory arranged according to the document groups
FDA guides
  • EU guides
  • ICH guides
  • German guides
  • Swiss guides
  • Mutual Recognition Agreement
  • you can switch to the subdirectories.

    Search option for your compliance evaluation

    As was the case with the previous version, you can still limit your search to within a single document or have it include all pages. A selection list shows all the document names. You can then click an individual document to select it. Thanks to the addition of Warning Letters and FDA presentations you have not only the legal specifications but also aids for their interpretation.

    Full screen application
    With the new full screen function you can call up the guidelines so that you can use them in presentations by means of a beamer (e.g. in courses)

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