CBD is controlled as a medicine in Finland

According to the Finnish Food Authority (FFA)  the use of Hemp (and its ingredients like CBD) as food is currently being discussed in working groups of the EU Commission. The aim is to clarify its status as novel food in the Novel Food Catalogue of the Commission. This work has not been finished yet and the interpretation on the FFA webpage will be updated if necessary. Foodstuffs which are considered as novel foods in the EU may not be used as foodstuffs without a novel food authorization. Neither may they be marketed containing medical claims.

The Finnish Medicines Agency (Fimea) recently stated that Cannabidiol (CBD) is controlled as a medicine in Finland. A (medicinal) preparation that contains CBD needs a prescription and each preparation is assessed separately by Fimea. Furthermore, purchasing products containing CBD from abroad may be illegal. It is forbidden to import a preparation containing CBD into Finland that is classified as a medicine without a prescription. "Anyone who orders products from the net, for example, or brings products with them from abroad must first ensure that importing them is legal."  According to the agency, the restrictions depend on the composition of the product and how it would be classified in Finland. Furthermore, the restrictions also vary according to whether the medicine is imported from within or outside of the European Economic Area (EEA).

Similar to other European countries (e.g. Germany, Switzerland) each authority In Finland controls products that have been placed on the market in accordance with their respective competence. Fimea engages in collaboration with the Customs to control the import of products. Where necessary, the Customs will request Fimea to issue a statement if the Customs encounters a preparation that could be a medicine.

For more information please read the statement "Cannabidiol (CBD) is controlled as a medicine in Finland" on the Fimea website.

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