Brexit: Insulin Stockpiles are built up

Although all parties involved are looking for a positive outcome of the current negotiations, a so called "hard Brexit" - a scenario in which the U.K. leaves the EU without a full agreement - is possible. This will cause problems in many areas. Preparations are being made in order to deal with it.

According the article "UK's biggest insulin manufacturer building up four-month stockpile in case of no-deal Brexit" in the Independent, about 50% of the insulin needed in the U.K to treat diabetic patients is manufactured by the Danish company NovoNordisk. The company now said that they will build up a stockpile until January 2019 to make sure these diabetic patients will get their medications in the event of a no-deal Brexit. The plan is to have a stockpile lasting for four months. Also the French company Sanofi promised to build up an insulin stockpile (for 14 weeks). The U.K. government has asked companies to build up a six-week stockpile of medications against the consequences of hard Brexit.

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