Best Practice Paper on Visual Inspection now available for download

Although the Pharmacopoeias do provide information on the visual inspection of parenterals, there is no substantial GMP regulation - neither in Europe nor in the US. Consequently issues like AQL testing, use of testing kits, qualification/validation/verification of automated systems and training of manual visual inspection staff keep on determining discussions. For that reason the "Visual Inspection" Group was established last December already.

As now published on its website, the group nominated Tobias Posset as its new chairman. Furthermore, the group was transformed from a "Working Group" to an "Interest Group", allowing anyone interested to join the group for free and to get actively involved. Group members have full access to the site content including the download of the current version of the best practice paper on visual inspection. This best practice paper was originally developed by the Advisory Board. Much rather than a strict requirement document, though, this paper is intended to be a reference for controversial issues. A regular revision is intended to keep it up to date.

Besides the best practice paper, the website also includes a regular update of FAQs with regard to visual inspection just as well as selected presentations from former conferences.

The new website is available at

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