Auxiliary Packaging Components

The USP adopted the revised general chapter <670> Auxiliary Packaging Components. The chapter was previously published for comments in Pharmacopeial Forum PF 48(4). The final version has been published in USP-NF 2023 Issue 3 (to be official on 1 December 2023).

Background and Changes

Auxiliary packaging components are articles that are used to support or enhance container closure systems. These articles include, amongst others, pharmaceutical coil, desiccants, and - new - odor adsorbents. The components covered in USP chapter <670> must meet the applicable requirements provided and the additional applicable requirements provided in other specified USP chapters.

The following changes compared to the previous version of USP chapter <670> have been made:

  • "Active carbon" (including test requirements and acceptance criteria) has been added to the most common types of commercial desiccants. According to the USP “active carbon” is a "solid, porous material obtained from carbonaceous source materials (vegetable) matter by suitable carbonization processes, treated to increase its adsorptive power".
  • "Active carbon" as odor adsorbent (new category) has been added and is to be tested as directed under desiccants plus additional tests.

More information is available in the USP-NF.

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