Advanced GMP Search Function

GMP News No. 249

GMP News
16 October 2002

Advanced GMP Search Function

We are often asked how the GMP Meta Search can be used in order to obtain the most exact results. This task occurs when looking either for GMP/FDA Guidelines (e.g. where can I find a certain guideline on a specific topic) or for specific references in Warning Letters. The GMP Meta Search engine on this website can be used to carry out a detailed search. Example:

  • How can I find all FDA Warning Letters that were issued in 2001 and that refer to complaints about "computer validation"?

If you want to conduct this search, proceed as follows:

  • Switch to the GMP Meta Search (by clicking on "Search" in the upper navigation bar).
  • Enter "valid* and computer and 2001" as search words, select "FDA Warning Letters" as search area and click on "Start".
  • Of course, it is not possible to delimit the results 100 per cent. Yet the delimitation is still quite good.

    Oliver Schmidt

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