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What is a Webinar / a Recorded Webinar?

ECA GMP Webinar

A webinar is a new kind of event. You can participate in a webinar just by using telephone and Internet. During this kind of online seminar, you can see the speaker in a video image. At the same time you can follow the speaker’s presentation right next to his image.

In addition to participating in currently offered live webinars, you can also order recordings from past webinars – and watch them as needed on your PC. For that purpose we recorded most of the webinars offered in the past years. These recordings are a 1:1 replay of the live webinars, including questions from attendees and answers from the speakers.

Do I need specific software?

To be able to take part in a Webinar, you need a computer with high-speed Internet access (i.e. DSL) and speakers.
Your Internet browser must have following features to use the GMP webinar system:

  • Adobe Flash-Player must be installed.
  • Javascript must be allowed.
  • Port 1935 must be released.

Can I forward questions to the speaker?

Yes, you can ask questions, but only in live webinars of course. During the webinar, you can submit your questions in writing. For this purpose, there is the button "Ask a question".

Is a preliminary test possible?

Yes, for the live webinars we have set up a test page. When you register, you will receive the access data for this, too. Then you can visit the test page any time you like. So you will know whether the technology works. And if there are any problems you can turn to someone on the list of contacts you will receive and who will be able to help you solve possible problems.

What makes the ECA Webinar so special?

For the live webinars these are mainly the following 3 points:

  • You can see the speaker and the slides at a glance. If you wish to, you can set the speaker's image on "Statue" in order to fully concentrate on the lecture.
  • You do not have to install any software if you choose the access method "Java".
  • The Webinars are live! Therefore, you can contact the speaker directly.

Recorded webinars are the perfect alternative or an additional opportunity to get an update on topics and current developments relative to EU and FDA GMP requirements fast and easily without leaving your desk – sort of “on-demand”.

What is the price for a Webinar?

The regular price for a live webinar as well for a recorded webinar of 1.5 hours is EUR 199 plus VAT. The reduced price for ECA Academy members is EUR 149 plus VAT. Please note: This fee does not include ECA Academy Membership. You will find more about ECA Membership here.

How do I order a recorded Webinar?

To order a recorded webinar, simply choose the seminar you want from the recorded webinar list and send us the completed form. It is important that you also let us know when you plan on watching the recording. Along with your invoice you also get an access code for that day – this code is active for 24 hours only. Within this period you will be able to access and watch the recording any time.

Do the participants receive a certificate as well as the documentation?

Yes, after the event, every participant receives a certificate confirming the participation in the GMP webinar. Even before the event, the registered participants get the slides as PDF file.

Can a group take part in a GMP Webinar?

The registration fee only authorises an individual to take part in the Webinar. Therefore, we do not issue more than one certificate per registration. With the registration fee being paid only once, it would infringe the copyright of ECA as well as that of the speaker if the transmission was followed by several persons.

If you wish to register a group, please send an e-mail to info (at) gmp-compliance (dot) org or contact us by phone (+49 (0) 62 21 / 84 44-51 Mr. Strohwald). Prior to the Webinar date, we will help you to establish and test your Internet access.

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