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New Version of ISO 19011 on Auditing published

ISO has published an updated edition of the ISO 19011 auditing standard. ISO 19011:2011 provides guidance on the conduct of internal or external management system audits, as well as on the management of audit programmes. According to a Press Release published by ISO on 6 December 2011 a number of changes have been incorporated. Compared to the first edition of the standard published in 2002 which applied only to ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment) ,the scope of ISO 19011:2011, Guidelines for auditing management systems, has been expanded to reflect current thinking and the complexities of auditing multiple management system standards.

The new version is intended to optimize the integration of different management systems by streamlining the audit processes, reduce duplication of effort and decrease disruption of work units being audited. Specific attention is given to the implementation of the audit programme. By fully applying these guidelines, the prerequisites are provided to make auditing a crucial tool for top management to achieve the objectives of the organization.

Alister Dalrymple, Convenor of the team that updated the guidelines, described the benefits which the new standard is expected to bring to users and the improvements made compared to the 2002 edition it replaces: "Compared to the 2002 version, the standard adds the concept of risk and recognizes more explicitly the competence of the audit team and individual auditors. Also, the use of technology in remote auditing is acknowledged, for example, conducting remote interviews and reviewing records remotely.

The new standard can be obtained from the national member organisations of ISO. You will find a complete list of ISO members here.

The standard is also available from ISO in Geneva

Source: Press Release

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